On Wednesday, September 22, at the NTCA Fall Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, Bloomer Broadband’s General Manager, Kent Klima, will address the voting membership in his bid for a Commercial Company Delegate seat on NTCA Board of Directors, North Central Region.

NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association represents nearly 850 independent, family-owned and community-based telecommunications companies, including Bloomer Broadband. NTCA advocates on behalf of its members in the legislative and regulatory arenas, and provides support through in-person and virtual training and events—keeping members abreast of current industry trends.

Kent Klima has been involved with the NTCA for four years. He currently serves on the Member Experience / Member Engagement Committee and has served as a moderator/facilitator at the Small Company GM Round Table during the NTCA RTIME.

Being part of organizations that focus on rural issues has always been important to Kent. “I have seen first-hand the positive economic and health impact broadband access can bring—connecting more people to remote job and business opportunities, online learning, telehealth, and friends and families.”

Through Kent’s leadership and the awesome dedication and commitment of team members and employees, Bloomer Broadband has accomplished great things. In addition to the significant fiber expansion in Bloomer, Colfax and Elk Mound, Bloomer Broadband has positioned itself to be more competitive and better meet customer demand. Kent has strengthened vendor relationships to offer the best technology and provide products that will grow as the customers’ needs do.

As a Commercial Company Delegate, Kent will have a seat at the table to influence broadband policy. He will ensure rural broadband expansion remains a top priority for NTCA. He is committed to helping close the digital divide and ensuring rural communities have the same opportunities as large cities.

Voting for the Commercial Company Delegate seat will take place after the NTCA conference closes—and new members will be announced in late October.


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