What IS Managed Wi-Fi?

As the name suggests, Managed Wi-Fi is a service that is managed by your internet service provider. The provider monitors the Wi-Fi network, ensuring you experience the fastest speeds and best Wi-Fi performance throughout your home. You can even get Wi-Fi coverage on your patio and in your she-shed! However, the provider is not monitoring what you are streaming or Googling, so your privacy is not compromised in any way.

If troubles with the Wi-Fi network arise, the provider can “see” into the Wi-Fi network without having to go to your home. Often the issue can be diagnosed and corrected right over the phone—saving you time and money. Many Managed Wi-Fi services also include apps that provide real-time alerts and network visibility, so you may not even have to call your provider when an issue arises. And the apps also provide the ability to add guest networks, set up parental controls, easily change your network password and more.

A Managed Wi-Fi service provides remote and real-time visibility into:

  • your router to troubleshoot and improve network performance
  • which devices are connected to your home network
  • the signal strength of your devices
  • the bandwidth consumption for each device
  • any Wi-Fi extenders’ performance

Plus, a Managed Wi-Fi service improves Wi-Fi network security.

Think of a Managed Wi-Fi service like a 24/7 monitoring and support team working just for you.

Why Is This Better Than a Box-Store Router?

Many “internet” issues are due to Wi-Fi connectivity issues. If you are having internet issues and have a box-store router, there is no one to call for support or to help. With box-store routers you are responsible for all the maintenance and needed updates. And these routers can quickly become outdated and unable to handle all the speed and device needs you have. Why go through the hassle of setting up your Wi-Fi router only to discover it’s not providing the coverage you thought it would?

Bloomer Can Help.

With Bloomer Broadband managing your Wi-Fi network you can worry less about your internet speed and connectivity, and spend more time streaming, surfing, gaming and connecting. Upgrades are automatic and if the router is defective, we’ll replace it at no cost. (You won’t get that with a box-store router.) Plus, installation is included, and we’ll be sure the router placement is free from interference from other electronic devices. And if extra coverage is needed, due to a multi-level or large home, we can install extenders. Bloomer’s Managed Wi-Fi system comes with the Command IQ app that provides network visibility, parental controls, guest networks and more. We monitor and maintain the Wi-Fi system, so you don’t have to. However, we never monitor how you use your internet connection. Your right to privacy is always respected.

Give our Managed Wi-Fi experts a call today and start enjoying a better internet experience.

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