Bloomer Broadband has not let off the gas since the ground thawed this past spring. Our construction, engineering and operations crews have been working around-the-clock to bring reliable fiber internet access to close to 700 homes and businesses. Let’s take a look at what’s been accomplished:

Tilden and Eagle Point 2022 – 2023 Project

Project Status: Completed!

Town of Hallie

Project Status: Completed!

  • If you signed up and have a fiber line up to your house give us a call at 715.568.4830 to get service turned up! Don’t have a fiber line up to your house? You are still eligible for service. Just give us a call.

Town of Seymour

Project Status: Mainline Completed!

  • Everything west of N 90th Avenue is either ready or splicing is nearing completion for a December/early January 2024 install.
  • We will continue to splice east of N 90th Avenue and work on those installs in early 2024.

Town of Lafayette

Project Status: Laying fiber.

  • The feed is in on 180th Street and the plan is to have 22nd Avenue ready to go. A few drops (bringing the mainline to homes) will happen this month. The remainder of the project will continue after the ground thaws in 2024. (We’re hoping for a Q2 start!)

Tilden 2023 – 2024 Project

Project Status: Laying fiber.

  • Crews are currently working in the County Hwy Q&S area, and the 90th Avenue and 100th Street section.
  • They are working as hard as they can to get everything in before the ground freezes.
  • Service installs are to be completed in early 2024.

Town of Sigel

Project Status: Mainline completed!

  • 25 miles of mainline fiber for the 220th Street connection.
  • 16 locations. Fully self-funded, no government grants.
  • Drops will start spring 2024, but you can register your interest now! Go to: /progress/

We are proud to bring our rural communities the internet access they deserve. And our customers seem pretty happy about the continued opportunity to enjoy Bloomer Broadband. Here’s what one customer shared when she stopped by the office:

“I lived in Durand, and we had fiber internet to our house there – loved it. I moved to Jim Falls with my husband and did not have fiber to the house and I did not like it at all! When we found out we were getting fiber we were very happy and continue to be very, very happy with the service.” — Sue Popple

If you are interested in receiving the area’s best, local internet service, give us a call at 715.568.4830 or stop by the office at 1120 15th Avenue, Bloomer. We’re always happy to meet a new friend!

Do you have any questions? Call us at 715-568-4830