Building a Better Internet for Seymour, Hallie and Lafayette Residents

Construction for our 100% fiber-optic network is well underway and services will be available later this year. We appreciate your patience as we work to bring you the area’s best local internet. We know waiting can be hard – we’re working as fast as we can. Here’s an overview of what it takes to build a fiber-optic network:

  1. Construction crews start work in a neighborhood. Never fear, Bloomer Broadband will always do everything in our power to make sure every household in the build area is aware of what’s going on. Crews will begin by digging trenches down the road ditches to install the fiber-optic cables, following electric easements wherever possible. If, for any reason, Bloomer Broadband needs to access your property, you will be notified ahead of time.
  2. Once the fiber mainline is buried, a drop wire is placed to connect a home directly to the fiber mainline. That drop wire is used to run the fiber directly from the road to a junction box placed on the outside of the home. The Hallie mainline is complete and drops have started!
  3. The final step is the fiber gateway, or the modem and router. Fiber connects to the modem and router. Utilizing a Wi-Fi router, the Wi-Fi signal will disperse throughout your home to connect all your devices to the network. Because of the bandwidth that fiber provides, multiple devices can be connected at once, without having to fight for a connection. Bloomer Broadband includes Wi-Fi capable routers with all upper tier Broadband offers.

You may see Ryan Ratcliff, our broadband technician, in your neighborhood. He is making visits to homes to talk with residents about the construction process and Bloomer Broadband services. We hope you’ll say “hi” to Ryan when he comes by.

Although we are not partnering with any other internet providers (local or national) to build the network*, the project is sponsored and partially funded by Bloomer Broadband. Other partial funders include Wisconsin state grant, Eau Claire County and Chippewa County ARPA grants, Townships of Seymour and Hallie ARPA grants, administered by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission.

Soon you’ll be treated to speeds from 100 Mbps to 2500 Mbps (2.5 Gig!) – and all plans 500 Mbps and above receive complimentary managed Wi-Fi (modem/router). If you are interested in receiving THE best internet service the area has to offer, visit /progress/ or give us a call at 715-568-4830.

We can’t wait to connect with you!

*Spectrum/Charter and Bloomer Broadband are separate and independent broadband providers. You may see both companies in your area doing similar work. Bloomer Broadband cannot hook-up services using Spectrum/Charter lines.



Do you have any questions? Call us at 715-568-4830