When it comes to yardwork, safety should always be a priority. Whether you’re landscaping or installing an underground sprinkler system, it’s crucial to ensure you’re digging safely and without damaging any underground utilities.

That’s why contacting 811 before any digging is not just a good idea—it’s the law!

Why is reaching out to 811 so vital?

First and foremost, it’s about safety—for you and your community. Accidentally hitting a buried line while digging could lead to various issues:

  • It could disrupt utility or internet service not just for you but for your neighbors as well.
  • It might result in costly repairs, potentially reaching tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Most importantly, it could cause severe injury or even death.

By dialing 811, you’re immediately connected to a representative from your state’s 811 center. They’ll ask you a few simple questions about your digging plans. You can also submit your request online via the Diggers Hotline. Regardless of how you contact 811, you’ll receive a ticket number, along with instructions on how long utilities have to respond and how to confirm their response before you can safely proceed with your digging.

Here’s what occurs after you’ve reached out to 811:

  • A utility locator will visit your property.
  • They’ll identify natural gas and utility lines on your premises.
  • Visual markers will be placed to indicate the lines’ locations, helping you identify safe digging zones and areas to avoid.

Even if your project seems minor, such as planting a garden, if it involves breaking ground with a shovel, the law mandates contacting 811.

At Bloomer Broadband, we prioritize your safety. So, please, before you dig, call 811. It’s not just a good practice—it’s the law.

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