Celebrate Your Binge-Watching Habit May 20

May 20 is National Streaming Day and although this is not an “official” holiday it is a great excuse to binge-watch your favorite streaming shows. Many streaming services use the day to launch new shows or offer promotional deals. Check out MyBundle.tv’s marketplace to see what deals are available. MyBundle also offers free live TV and free apps like Pluto, Plex and others that you can add to current streaming service.

New to streaming and don’t know where to start? MyBundle can help with that, too! Visit MyBundle.tv/start for options based on your personal viewing habits.

Bloomer Broadband employees love streaming TV and being able to watch what they want whenever they want (as much as they want). Pausing, rewinding and fast forwarding is a definite bonus – especially when you need to grab another soda or snack. Here are a few of the staff’s favorites:

• Amazon Prime™ – Reacher, The Baxters, Football! (Packers specifically.)
• Apple TV™ – Ted Lasso, Shrinking, Sugar, The Morning Show
• HBO Max™ – Friends
• Hulu™ – The Goldberg’s
• NetFlix™ – Schitt’s Creek, Virgin River, Walking Dead, Outer Banks, Orange is the New Black
• Paramount+™ – 1883, 1923 and Yellowstone (you gotta’ watch the whole story!)
• Peacock™ – The Office, The McBee Dynasty

Of course, your streaming experience will be enhanced with fast, fiber internet and great managed Wi-Fi. Bloomer Broadband offers multi-gig speeds and the latest in Wi-Fi technology. You’ll have all the speed and bandwidth you need to stream without buffering or lag. Our 500 Mbps package is a great deal with symmetrical speeds and complimentary managed Wi-Fi.

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