Celebrating the Big Impact Small Businesses Have on Our Community

National Small Business Week is celebrated during the first week of May every year. Bloomer Broadband, a small business itself, would like to thank our small businesses for being part of the community and choosing us to deliver their internet and phone services.

May 2 – 6 celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit and resiliency of small business owners. The week recognizes the critical contributions small businesses bring. For example, 50% of America’s workforce comes from small businesses and small businesses provide more new job opportunities than any other source. What else do small businesses provide a community? They…

  1. Improve the local economy – Each dollar spent at a small local business provides three times more money for the community than a dollar spent at a chain store. And local small businesses pay a share of taxes that would otherwise be shifted to homeowners.
  2. Create jobs and opportunities – Small businesses provide opportunities for local people to work where they live. Plus, people tend to patronize businesses close to where they work—from the local sandwich shop to the bank, gas station, auto mechanic and beyond.
  3. Keep the community unique – “Mom and Pop” shops give a community its distinct character and personality with many offering local and handmade items not found as big box stores. Local businesses also tend to provide a higher level of personal customer service—and some even offer “locals” discounts or host special events.
  4. Give more support to local causes – In general, small local businesses donate more per sales dollar to local events, schools and nonprofits than big businesses. Small local businesses also tend to volunteer at community events and serve on local boards more.

When you shop a local small business, you are not only supporting that business, but the family behind the business.

Want a list of local businesses? Your local Chamber of Commerce or Visitors Center is a great place to start. Chambers of Commerce support local businesses through marketing, networking, advocacy, and more. They are a great source of local information and provide opportunities for businesses to get in front of residents (and out-of-towners) through events, meetings and other activities.

Here is a listing of websites to help you find small businesses in your area:

If you’ve had a great experience with a local small business (like Bloomer Broadband), tell your friends or post a review on Google, Facebook or Yelp. Helping small businesses stay in business helps keeps our community thriving.

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