Better internet is coming to Colfax

Bloomer Telephone Company is excited to announce that we are building a state-of-the-art fiber optic network in the Colfax area.

We look forward to bringing you the fastest internet speeds in the area by the end of the year. With Bloomer internet, everyone in your home can enjoy gaming, streaming, online shopping—on multiple devices—all at the same time.

For a limited time, Bloomer will cover the cost of bringing the fiber line from the mainline into your home saving you hundreds of dollars. Signing up while our crews are in the area constructing the network will save you money.

Don’t wait—sign up today! Select the internet plan you want from the list below and follow the Select Package button to fill out and submit a Request for Service form. Within three business days of receiving your form, we will call to confirm service availability, finalize your order, and collect a $50 deposit. The deposit will be refunded on your first months bill.

Not sure which plan is right for you? Call our office at 715-568-4830 to discuss the plans with one of our friendly customer service representatives.

Have questions about the packages? Call us at 715-568-4830

Frequently asked questions

Why is Fiber Internet superior?

Fiber connections provide you with access to virtually unlimited bandwidth capacity and internet speed, enabling you to enjoy a better experience whether you are downloading and uploading large files, using cloud storage systems, streaming video, gaming, video chatting, and so on. Regardless of the number of devices connected in your home, fiber keeps you connected with increased service reliability and stability.

When will Fiber Internet be available in my area?

We are constantly expanding our fiber network throughout our territory. We hope to bring fiber to as many homes as possible. If you want to know when fiber will be available in your area, please feel free to call us at 715-568-4830.

Is there a discount available for internet service for low income consumers?

Yes – Bloomer Telephone Company participates in an internet discount program through the FCC’s Federal Universal Service Fund. To learn more about the program and check for eligibility, go to

I am moving locations. What do I need to do?

Give our office a call at 715-568-4830 and we will walk you through the easy process of moving your services to another location.

No home should be without Fiber-Speed Internet

Internet is essential to how we live every day. At Bloomer Telephone Company, we provide high-speed Internet because we know it’s vital to our customers and our communities.

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Get Fiber-Speed Internet for your business

Your business is too important to leave to chance. Get high-speed, reliable internet that will keep your company moving as fast as you need, with near-perfect uptime.

We have Commercial Web Space available with a price structure that had been designed with both the large and small company in mind.

We also offer Business Off-Site Backup services that gives you peace of mind that all of your files are safely secured off-site, in case of a computer or network ‘crash’ – no need to panic!

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