How does fiber get to me & what’s the cost?

If you’ve spent two seconds on our website, you probably have seen the words “fiber” or “Gig speeds” or “100% fiber network”. Now you might be someone who lives and breathes high-speed internet technology, but if you’re like most, these phrases don’t mean much. Let’s dig in.

What is fiber?

Fiber optic technology is made up of glass strands that can transmit data via light waves. Light can transmit more data, faster, meaning that your entire household can be connected to the internet and still have bandwidth to spare. Bloomer places fiber underground, making it completely weather-proof.

Fiber gets placed underground…how?

Let’s walk through the fiber construction process:

  1. Construction crews will start work in a neighborhood. Never fear, Bloomer will always do everything in our power to make sure every household in the expansion area is aware of what’s going on. Crews will begin by digging trenches down the street to install the fiber-optic cables, following electric easements wherever possible. If, for any reason, Bloomer needs access to your property, you will be notified ahead of time.
  2. Once the fiber mainline is buried, a drop wire is placed to connect a subscriber’s home directly to the fiber mainline. That drop wire is used to run the fiber directly from the road to a junction box placed on the outside of the home.
  3. The final step is the fiber gateway, or the modem and router. Fiber connects to the modem and router. If you have a Wi-Fi router (vs. hardwired), the Wi-Fi signal will disperse throughout the home to your devices. Because of the bandwidth that fiber provides, multiple devices in the home can be connected at once, without having to fight for the priority connection.

This all sounds great, but how much is construction going to cost me?

Construction costs will be minimal if you sign up during active construction. If you sign up after the construction window, then getting fiber to the home could potentially cost thousands of dollars. Fiber installations will be based upon a factor of time and materials. As each situation is unique, it is best to consult a company representative for more details.

The average fiber expansion costs vary based upon many factors. On average, the cost per mile is well over $40,000 with Company project costs ranging from $750,000 – $10 million, a large portion of which Bloomer Broadband funds.

Should a household choose to opt in for fiber to the home, monthly payments are made on the internet plan of their choice, just as they are with any other provider. Our internet packages can be found here.

You probably still have a laundry list of questions, and any of our customer service reps are more than happy to chat with you about them, just give us a ring at 715-568-4830.


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