Bloomer Broadband is busy building fiber in Tilden and Eagle Point—and recently received a grant to build a fiber-optic network in the towns of Seymour and Hallie.

For Tilden and Eagle Point, construction is on track and going well. We have 90% of our Tilden mainline fiber installed, and crews are hard at work in Eagle Point. The progress in Tilden means we can begin turning on internet service for some Tilden residents in mid-September—ahead of schedule! We hope to have everyone in Tilden and Eagle Point turned on by the end of spring 2023. For those who have pre-registered for services and where the mainline construction is complete, we have a few more steps to take before you will receive internet service:

  • The drop – We run the fiber-optic cable directly from the mainline fiber (at the road) to a junction box placed on the outside of your home. You do not have to be home for this.
  • The gateway / internet installation – If you have made the choice to lease our managed Wi-Fi solution*, we will install this and any extenders and connect it to your devices and network. If you have your own gateway (modem and router), we will connect those to Bloomer Broadband’s fiber network. You will need to be home for this. We will contact you to schedule this step.

Once those steps are complete, you will enjoy stable, reliable, fiber-fast internet like you’ve never experienced!

Haven’t signed up for services yet? Don’t delay! Visit to secure your place in line. You if miss signing up during the construction period you could end up paying more for the installation and waiting longer for service.

For those in the Seymour and Hallie areas, Bloomer Broadband plans to start construction early next year—as soon as the ground thaws. More than 500 homes and businesses will have access to high-speed internet, TV and phone services. The Towns of Seymour and Hallie, Eau Claire and Chippewa Counties, and the State of Wisconsin have all partnered with Bloomer Broadband to make this fiber-optic network a reality. We are grateful for their support.

To pre-register for services, please visit Or contact us with any questions! We’d love to hear from you.

*Our managed Wi-Fi solution comes free with all 500 Mbps and 1000 Mbps packages.

Do you have any questions? Call us at 715-568-4830