Not age spots, not blind spots … SUNspots!

What are Sunspots?
Also known as sun outages, these are brief periods of interrupted signal you may experience as TV satellites move directly in front of the sun. When the sun perfectly aligns with satellites, its solar radiation interferes with the signal, causing a short signal outage. This phenomenon is known as “solar satellite interference” and affects every single TV provider and its customers.

When will Sunspots affect me?
Ah fall. We do love you for your beautiful leaves, your cozy sweater weather and your trick or treating. We don’t love you for your Sunspots! Sun outages will occur between October 3—12. Sunspots will occur again in the spring when the sun and satellites realign.

How do Sunspots affect me?
Between October 3—12, TV channels will have brief video outages for 4 to 15 minutes throughout each day. This might be anything from lagging, pixilation, and audio distortion to a few minutes of complete signal loss. The good news is that Sunspots only impact television, not your internet or phone.

What can I do?
Move space and time? If you can do that, let us know right away! Otherwise, Bloomer Broadband apologizes for the inconvenience, but solar satellite interference is beyond our control and the control of all TV providers. So, take a moment to stop and smell the pumpkin spice, stand up and stretch, or call your mom back!

If you have TV issues that last longer than 15 minutes, please contact us. We are always happy to help.


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