Whether you accompany your kids on Halloween or they are trick or treatin’ on their own this year, we’ve created a Halloween Safety Checklist to keep your night full of happy-only memories. Whoever said safe isn’t fun?

Trick or Treating:

  • Number one rule of Halloween: don’t go inside a stranger’s house. Have a plan with your kids for how to say “no” if someone invites them in.
  • Create a route and an estimated time. You may want to include streets that have sidewalks, lots of people and lights, and, of course, a map of the houses giving out king-size candy bars.
  • Remind them to stay on the sidewalk. Drivers should know to be extra cautious on Halloween, but that isn’t always the case.
  • Make sure all the kids in a group know to stick together. And if you’re worried about your little one getting separated from you or their friends, stick a piece of paper with your name and phone number in their pocket.


  • Choose a colorful costume if they’ll be out after dark. Maybe a unicorn or the Flash! If your kid insists on being a witch or a ninja, add reflective strips to their costume and candy bag.
  • We all know (a little too well) that Wisconsin nights can get chilly. Make sure costumes have a little wiggle room so you can add warm layers!
  • With the little ones especially, choose accessories with care. Fake swords and wands can be more than an uncomfortable poke in the wrong hands.

And just for your benefit, we’re including a little post Halloween, limit-the-amount-of-sugar-they-eat tip. We call her the Switch Witch and she’s about to save your life. Allow your kids to keep 30 pieces of candy, but the rest they must put out for the Switch Witch, who will come and trade their candy for a toy or game. Think of her as the Tooth Fairy of Halloween.

Bloomer Broadband cares deeply about the safety of every single member of our community. So, let’s get out there and have a fun, safe and happy Halloween!


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