Happy International Women’s Day!

We know girls run the world, so we thought we’d take a moment to celebrate the ladies of Bloomer Broadband. Of our 11 employees, 4 are women, and they truly keep this business running! We asked them to share a little about themselves, and here is what they came up with…

By years of service, our leading lady is Rhonda, a customer service representative, who has been with Bloomer for 43 years! If you’ve called Bloomer Telco, you’ve probably talked with her. Rhonda half owns a fleet of vehicles:  a 1976 Short Box F150 Truck, a 1976 Ford Dump Truck, a 1967 Green Ford Mustang, a 2004 Ford F150, a 2012 Ford Explorer and a 1957 Ford Tractor, and the only one she ever drives is the Explorer!

Next up is Shelly, our Office Supervisor and Bloomer employee for 22 years. A fun fact about Shelly? She names all her vehicles – her current one is Thomas the Terrain!

Robyn, a customer service representative, has been with Bloomer for about a year and a half. Want to know a secret? She’s Rhonda’s daughter. And she owns a 1969 Midnight Red Ford Mustang, which was her very first car she owned in high school. Talk about car envy…

And last, but never least: Melissa! New mom to her third baby, Melissa has worked with Bloomer for just under a year as a customer service representative. Melissa learned to drive on a manual (a Jeep Wrangler) – and drives one better than her husband.

Thank you Rhonda, Shelly, Robyn and Melissa for serving Bloomer Broadband and our customers so well. And happy International Women’s Day to all!

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