Check out Bloomer Broadband’s New Look & Name

The seasons are changing, and so is Bloomer Telephone Company. We recently rebranded to . . . Bloomer Broadband! With the name change also comes a new logo and updated look to better convey our small-town friendliness, innovation in technology and connection to the people we serve. The bold typeface and overlapping O’s in the logo represent strong connections: between Bloomer Broadband and our customers, and our customers and the world.

Why the new look and name?

Bloomer Telephone Company no longer accurately reflects who we are. We are, and have been for many years, a local leader in all things fiber broadband — internet, TV and phone.

As our service offerings evolved, our brand needed to evolve as well. The new logo, colors, font type, elements and images pay tribute to our history while offering a fresh new look with a twist. We are proud of our heritage, of being the first to offer much-needed phone services to the people of Bloomer, so we wanted to honor that by keeping “Bloomer” in the name, and keeping close to the original color palette.

What will be different?

Not much. The company has not been sold nor has leadership nor the board changed. We’re still the same great company, people and services you’ve come to know and trust — we just have a new look and a new name.

The office is not moving, nor will there be any new locations. You’ll still be able to find us at 1120 15th Avenue, Bloomer.

We’ll continue to invest in expanding our network to bring Gigabit fiber internet service to the rural communities in Chippewa, Dunn and Eau Claire counties.

We’re still 100% committed to supporting the community beyond broadband needs — with our scholarship offering, food bank donations, support of local events and more.

One thing that is changing? We will be offering new internet speeds and pricing. (More to come on that later.)

How are we celebrating?

Bloomer Bakery Day: Come down to Bloomer Bakery on March 29th from 9–11am and get a cookie or a donut on us!

Aquatic Center Raffle: Join us at the Bloomer Area Aquatic & Rec Center to participate in a raffle. The prize is awesome: three months of a free speed upgrade for current customers or two months of 100Mbps at no charge for new customers*. The raffle is open from April 1–30, so drop by any time and enter to win!

Coloring Contest: Kids from age 0–12 are welcome to participate in the Bloomer Broadband coloring contest! The winner from each age group will be sent a $25 Amazon gift card. Bring or mail your artwork to the Bloomer office by April 15th for a chance to win.

Coloring pages will also be available at the Bloomer Broadband office and the Aquatic Center.

*Installation fees will apply

Do you have any questions? Call us at 715-568-4830