As Wisconsin celebrates National Dairy Month this June, Bloomer Broadband is taking a look at what makes cows happy – and how broadband helps farmers ensure their cows are feeling cheery.

Dr. Jennifer Van Os, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, studied what makes cows happy.1 Overall, cows are happiest

  • in a cool (45° is ideal), dry, and comfortable environment
  • when they are free to roam, and eat and drink as they please
  • with a comfortable place to lie down to rest or sleep

And happier cows can lead to improved longevity and increased production. 🐮🥛🧀  Which makes all of us milk, ice cream, butter, and cheese lovers happy!

So…how does technology (broadband, specifically) help ensure the farmer’s cows are happy? Cows demand a high level of attention – from feeding, milking, providing footbaths, and more – and good workers to assist with all this are often hard to find. According to “The Connected Cow: Optimizing Dairy Cow Health and Productivity with Technology”2, one Elkhorn, Wisconsin dairy farmer, Adam Hurtgen, is going high-tech to help keep his cows healthy and happy. The article states that some dairy farmers are using robotic milking machines that make the experience for the cow more enjoyable.

Hurtgen wanted a way to monitor his herds’ health and found a product called smaXtec to do just that. The product is an electronic monitoring device that measures health and digestion parameters from inside the cow’s first stomach (rumen). (Cows technically only have one stomach, but the stomach contains four separate compartments.) Once the cow swallows the device, farmers can measure the cow’s temperature, drinking cycles, the pH of the rumen and more. The data is transmitted from the sensor to a hub to the Cloud – where it can be downloaded and analyzed.

And here’s where broadband comes in. The only way to access the Cloud and download the data is with a reliable, stable internet connection. (Plus, broadband is also essential when it comes to downloading and updating the needed software.) Bloomer Broadband can help with that! We’re hard at work every day, helping to make the best broadband service available to our vital rural communities.

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