This Halloween season, we’ve prepared the ultimate Halloween movie list: what they are and where you can stream them. Fiber internet with Bloomer means that you can expect stable and reliable streaming all season long.

Maybe you get stormy autumn nights that threaten power outages, or maybe everyone wants to stream a different movie at the same time. Whatever it is, fiber internet has the whole family covered with speeds up to 1Gig.

From horror to slightly horrible, here is your family’s ultimate (and stream-able) Halloween movie guide.




The Conjuring: While this definitely falls under the “horror” category, we couldn’t resist including it as a classic. And of course, there’s no better time to watch this fan favorite than on an eerie October night.


Fear Street Trilogy: Because getting scared once just isn’t enough.

In the Tall Grass: Absolutely nothing says scary like Stephen King.

Winchester: Loosely based on a true story—need we say more?

Family Friendly

ParaNorman: Maybe not for the whole family, but your teenagers will definitely enjoy this spooky tale.

Hubie Halloween: Can scary and funny be a combo? Only Adam Sandler can answer that question.

The Goosebumps TV series: R.L. Stine’s kids’ classic. But let’s be honest, these aren’t just for the little ones—we kind of like them too.


Disney +


Halloweentown: A marathon might be in order.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Trick or treat! Or maybe season’s greetings?

Hocus Pocus: As timeless as Halloween itself.

Family Friendly

Coco: Day of the Dead just got a whole lot less scary—and a lot more musical?

The Haunted Mansion: Hey Eddie Murphy, want a pro tip? Don’t vacation in a haunted mansion. It’s that easy.


Amazon Prime


Young Frankenstein: If you’re a fan of slightly terrible black and white films, boy do we have one for you.

Beetlejuice: Cult classic and a little cringe.

Practical Magic: Chick-flick meets witches. Enough said.


Paranormal Activity: It really might not get any scarier than this.

Family Friendly

Addams Family: Want to introduce the kiddos to a classic? Try out the newly animated version!

Hotel Transylvania: Even monsters like to go on vacation!


Knives Out: Had to break out a fourth category for this murder mystery that feels strangely reminiscent of “Clue.” (Spoiler alert: It wasn’t Miss Scarlet in the ballroom with a knife!)


All these and more are stream-able this season. And fiber straight to your home means that you won’t miss a single moment. So, cozy up for family movie night or watch a different film in every room of the house—it’s all possible with Bloomer internet. Give our internet experts a call at 715-568-4830 today. Have a Happy Halloween!


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