Why It’s Important to Update Your Email

  • Alternative Communication Channel:
    • Email ensures that crucial messages, service updates, and outage notifications can still reach you promptly, regardless of phone accessibility.
  • Stay Informed with Service Updates:
    • Service updates are vital to keeping you in the loop about changes, improvements, or maintenance that may impact your experience with Bloomer Broadband.
    • An updated email ensures you receive these notifications promptly, allowing you to stay informed and prepared for any developments.
  • Real-time Outage Notifications:
    • During service outages or disruptions, timely communication is key. An updated email ensures you receive real-time notifications about any outages, helping you plan accordingly and minimizing inconveniences.
  • Discover New Offerings:
    • By staying connected through email, you can explore and take advantage of the latest offerings, contributing to an enriched experience with Bloomer Broadband.

How to Update Your Email with Bloomer Broadband:

  • Call us at 715-568-4830: Reach out to our customer support team, provide your name, account number, and your preferred email for seamless updates.
  • Email us at office@bloomerbroadband.com with your name, account number, and the email address you’d like to update. Our team will ensure your information is promptly and accurately recorded.

How to Update Your Email in SmartHub:

  • Log in to SmartHub> go to My Profile> My Information> and click on the Update button next to your current email address.
  • Please feel free to reach out to our customer support team for assistance 715-568-4830.


Do you have any questions? Call us at 715-568-4830