Butter, milk, cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, ice cream…yum!

Happy National Dairy Month, Bloomer!

Of course, dairy products are delicious, but any local knows that they mean so much more to our community than just a snack or a drink. Dairy farms are the bedrock of Wisconsin. In fact, there are about 6,500 dairy farms in our great state, and the industry contributes about $45.6 billion to the Wisconsin economy each year.

So, what could internet possibly have to do with this?

Dairy farmers increasingly rely on technology that requires excellent broadband internet access. Here are some examples:

  • Installing milk machines and even robotic farm hands—labor shortages need to be dealt with somehow!
  • Using wireless cameras to monitor cows—in fact, some farms use a network of cameras to identify infection or injury in massive herds as they move, graze, and even prepare to give birth!
  • Making use of artificial intelligence/predictive software which enable farmers to monitor and predict soil conditions, weather patterns, etc.
  • Flying drones to home in on diseased plant life which cows may consume.
  • Creating digital feeding and milking schedules.
  • Making use of devices that can track how much time a cow spends moving versus lying down.
  • Implanting sensors that detect and record bovine temperature and heart rate.
  • Engaging in virtual veterinarian consultations—cows need telehealth too!

These examples are just a drop in the bucket of the creative ways dairy farms are implementing broadband-dependent technology.

However, the issue of broadband access continues to persist as large-scale internet companies refuse to bring fiber to rural areas. Providing access to telephone, and now internet, in rural areas is the bedrock Bloomer Broadband was founded on. You could say it’s our bread and butter. We’ll continue to grow and bring reliable, high-speed internet to the rural communities of Dunn and Chippewa counties, because we fully believe in investing in our people and in our businesses.

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