When you lease Bloomer Broadband’s Wi-Fi Gateway system*, you can check network issues from the palm of your hand with the free CommandIQ app. The app allows you to see and manage your home network. From the app home screen, you can quickly see:

  • If your network is connected
  • How many devices are connected (Things)
  • Who has access to your network (People)
  • Which areas of your home are connected (Places)

The CommandIQ app’s features were made to create a smooth, seamless Wi-Fi experience. You can:

  • View and assign connected devices to people, places and/or priority networks
  • Reset the primary SSID or password for Wi-Fi for added security
  • Run bandwidth tests for your router and mesh units to monitor network performance
  • Create guest, work-from-home or custom wireless networks
  • Add new devices to the network via the app’s WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Set-up) button
  • Set parental controls, monitor children’s online activity and set internet access time limits
  • Get notified of malware, viruses and malicious websites threatening your network
  • Track and monitor device usage through the My Network feature

Don’t have the app? Download it here. It’s free, and upgrades are automatic.

In addition to the CommandIQ app, when you lease our router and have any issues, our support technicians can look “inside” the router to determine what the trouble is—right over the phone—saving you time and money. Plus, you’ll receive automatic software upgrades and free replacement hardware, should the router prove to be defective. To learn more about managed Wi-Fi, check out this blog post.

Take charge of your home network today! Contact us at 715-568-4830 to lease our managed Wi-Fi system—or upgrade your internet to 500 or 1000 Mbps and get the managed Wi-Fi system at no cost.

*The Wi-Fi Gateway is included with our 500 or 1000 Mbps packages at no additional cost.

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