Big News for Chippewa & Dunn Counties!

Fiber internet is available in Colfax and Elk Mound—and will soon be available in Tilden and Eagle Point.

The Colfax and Elk Mound fiber optic project is complete—and internet is available today. Check the listings below to see which streets have service.

Areas in Tilden and Eagle Point will begin to have fiber in late 2022. Fill out the form to the right to pre-register for Bloomer’s fiber fast internet services. The pre-registration fee of $125 includes our standard installation charge and helps with costs to bring the fiber line to your home. This offer is only available during construction, so don’t miss out. See listings below for streets included in this project.

Within three business days of receiving your form, we will contact you to confirm service availability. If you prefer, give us a call at 715-568-4830.

110th Avenue816th Avenue
122nd Avenue830th  Avenue
20th Street845th Avenue
27th Street850th Avenue
730th Street855th Street
740th Street870th Street
745th Street889th Street
760th Avenue890th Avenue
770th Avenue910th Avenue
770th Street930th Street
771st Avenue940th Avenue
780th Street940th Street
793rd Avenue945th Avenue
800th Street948th Street
808th Street949th Avenue
810th Avenue950th Avenue
816th Avenue950th Street
830th  Avenue954th Street
845th Avenue970th Street
850th Avenue994th Street
855th StreetCounty Road B
870th StreetCounty Road M
889th StreetState Highway 40
State Road 40
105th Avenue159th Street
110th Avenue170th Street
115th Avenue180th Street
120th Avenue185th Street
121st Avenue186th Street
122nd Avenue187th Street
125th Avenue188th Street
128th Avenue190th Street
130th Avenue191st Street
132nd Avenue192nd Street
133rd Street193rd Street
145th StreetHighway 178
152nd StreetHighway 124
156th Street
60th Avenue787th Street
592nd Avenue807th Street
595th Avenue810th Street
620th Avenue822nd Street
639th Avenue830th Street
639th Street840th Street
640th Avenue850th Street
643rd Avenue860th Street
647th Avenue863rd Street
648th Avenue865th Street
652nd Avenue870th Street
660th Avenue875th Street
670th Avenue906th Street
676th Avenue910th Street
680th Avenue912th Street
684th Avenue918th Street
687th Avenue938th Street
690th Avenue940th Street
720th Avenue950th Street
740th Street957th Street
748th StreetCounty Road E
773rd StreetCounty Road H
785th StreetState Road 40
85th Avenue120th Avenue
90th Avenue125th Street
95th Street128th Avenue
105th StreetCounty Hwy B
111th StreetCounty Hwy F
115th AvenueCounty Hwy N
120th StreetCounty Hwy S

The Colfax and Elk Mound fiber build is made possible in part by grant from the Wisconsin Public Service Commission. The grant covers about 47% of the project cost while the remainder is covered by Bloomer Telephone Company.

48.86% ($1,216,759) of the total cost of the Eagle Point project, and 52.51% ($663,640) of the total cost of the Tilden project is financed with federal funds. The remainder will be covered by Bloomer Telephone Company. These projects are supported in part by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. These federal funds are made available through the American Rescue Plan Act and the State of Wisconsin, acting by and through the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.