Extra, extra! Bloomer 2021/2022 Share the Joy donations are in and counted, and we were overwhelmed, although not surprised, by your generosity.


As part of its annual Share the Joy campaign, Bloomer Broadband donated $20 to the Bloomer/New Auburn Food Pantry for every new internet customer or current internet customer who upgraded their speed during the months of December and January.


This year, we were able to donate a grand total of $1080, surpassing last year’s donation by almost $200. This means that 54 households signed up for internet or upgraded their current plan.


“Thank you so much for your support of the Bloomer/New Auburn Food Pantry! The cost of food is on the rise, but we strive to help fight food insecurities. Every dollar given helps us feed families in our community,” said Jessica Hanson, Director of the Bloomer/New Auburn Food Pantry. Bloomer Broadband, General Manager, Kent Klima said, “We put the challenge out to the community to help us donate $1000, and they not only met, but exceeded the challenge. Contributing to the food pantry and supporting those experiencing food insecurity means a lot to us.”


The food pantry has been supporting Bloomer locals since 1983. They offer a variety of services, including weekend meals for students, holiday meals for families, a school supply program, transportation to medical appointments, and much more. Bloomer Broadband could not be more honored to partner with such a valuable and needed organization.


Share the Joy has been one of our favorite promotions for the last 3 years, and we have no plans to stop running it any time soon. Catch ya for Share the Joy 2022/2023, Bloomer-ites. Now that we know you love it as much as we do, we might have to raise our donation goal even more! Say $1100?

Do you have any questions? Call us at 715-568-4830