For some, springtime means opening the windows to freshen up the house and doing a bit of cleaning. To make your spring cleaning easy breezy, check out these tech devices:

  • Robot vacuums and floor cleaners – These come with a variety of features like edge-sweeping, self-emptying, app integration, mapping technology, and object detection and avoidance so things like socks, cords and clothes don’t get gobbled up and jam the machine. Many models are also compatible with virtual assistants, like Amazon Alexa, so you can simply shout out, “Hey Alexa, vacuum the house.” Want both a vacuum cleaner and mop? No problem! Many models are dual cleaners for your carpets, tile and wood floors.
  • Automatic toilet bowl cleaning systems – This is way more than dropping that blue disk into your toilet tank. It’s a toilet-cleaning robot! Not down with a toilet robot? Well, there are also electric toilet bowl brushes that clean the dirtiest seat in the house without the “elbow grease.”
  • Robot window cleaners – Yes, you can clean your windows without ladders or needing a case of paper towels. These sleek, compact robot cleaners are equipped with microfiber pads and use powerful suction to attach to your windows. Many offer multiple auto-clean modes to give you a streak-free shine every time.
  • Intelligent trash bins – Help your teen help themselves with a trash bin that will notify them when it’s time to take out the trash. Models are also equipped with motion sensors or touchless controls, so the bin will open just by being near it. (Another good reminder that the trash may need a trip to the curb.)
  • UV-C sanitizing devices – If you’re looking for “next-level” clean, check out a UV-C sanitizing device that uses, you guessed it, UV light to disinfect surfaces, effectively eliminating bacteria and viruses. Smart UV-C sanitizing robots are capable of autonomously navigating through rooms to deliver an additional layer of cleanliness that would rival your hometown hospital.
  • Virtual assistants – Although a virtual assistant probably won’t help you clean the house, it can order cleaning supplies and have them delivered to your door in a jiffy!

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