Summer Fun Ideas

The days are getting longer, and the air is getting warmer. Summer has arrived!  Whether your schedule has stayed the same, or you have more free time on your hands, summer is a great time to get outside. Check out these backyard summer activities, plus a lineup of local Bloomer activities.

At Home Activities to Create Family Memories

Water balloon dodgeball

You’ve probably played a game of dodgeball. Summer is the perfect time to put a fresh spin on the game! Stay cool while you take on friends and family in a friendly competition of water dodgeball. This is a fun and low-cost activity that will keep the laughter flowing and the good times going! All you need are small to medium sized balloons, a waterspout, and a bucket or table to hold the balloons. Choose your team, and let the games begin!

Homemade ice-cream

Ice cream is a summertime staple and a perfect snack to cool down whether you are outside having fun or are inside relaxing. If you have any dietary restrictions, homemade ice-cream is a great option to indulge in because you can substitute and customize ingredients to your liking! Surprisingly enough, homemade ice cream is easy to make and something the whole family can enjoy doing.

Glow tag

For the days that feel too hot to go outside, there’s an activity for the nighttime! For this version of tag, you’ll need open space, glow sticks or small flashlights. The objective is to use the glowstick or flashlight, to see all players in the dark. Glowsticks or flashlights can be attached to your clothes or snapped on your wrists and or ankles. Lastly, the most important thing about this game is that you stay safe while having fun!

Backyard camping

If you can’t leave town and you enjoy the stars — backyard camping is perfect for you. Creating an environment that replicates an outdoor camping experience is an awesome way to feel like you’re away from home without leaving your backyard. A fire pit, s’mores and a few stories go a long way! This activity can be enjoyed for a few hours or overnight!

Rock painting

If you enjoy art and creativity, paining a rock is just the thing you didn’t think you needed. All you need is a smooth medium sized rock, about the size of your hand, and some paint supplies! This will allow you to showcase your creativity and keep the art for years to come. Because a rock is durable, you can keep it outside or inside, without worrying about too much wear and tear. 

Want to get out? Check out what’s happening locally!

  • Bloomer Community Appreciation Day PicnicJune 6 from 3:30 PM – 6:30 PM
  • City Wide Garage SalesJune 8 from 8 AM – 12 Noon | For address check with Bloomer Chamber of Commerce
  • Bloomer FairAugust 1-4 Thurs. 5 PM – 11 PM / Fri. & Sat. Noon– 11 PM / Sun. Noon –  6PM | Bloomer Community Fairgrounds
  • Bloomer Ambulance Pancake Feed, Car and Horse Show – August 10 | For address check back with Bloomer Chamber of Commerce
  • Bloomer Parade – August 4 from 12:30 PM – Corner of North Industrial and Vine Street – it will then travel on 9th Ave. past the North park, up 9th Ave. past the fairgrounds and turn left at the corner of Priddy and 9th, it will then travel on Priddy St to 4th Ave. where it will turn left onto 4th Ave to the corner of 4th and Riggs Street where it will turn right, it will travel to Catalytic Combustion where it will end at Riggs and North Industrial. This is the same route as in 2023.

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