And just like that, we’ve been back to school for a week.

Maybe the routine of the school year feels like sweet relief, or maybe you’re missing the freedom of summer days, but one thing we can all agree on is that your kids having homework means you have homework.

Post-pandemic, we have noticed a major shift in the way school is facilitated. Homework often requires the use of the internet, group project meetings are usually virtual, and many college students have classes that are 100% online. And one common necessity for academic success is access to great internet.

Education relies on internet access for every subject, and for all grades:

  • Science: Science teachers are now making use of virtual labs, providing students access to new scientific technologies they would not have in school labs. (Remember the days we actually had to dissect frogs?)
  • Math: Study groups, how-to videos, online math games, etc. Internet access is vital.
  • English/writing: Tools like Grammarly or other online resources help students to improve their writing and literacy. With high-speed internet, e-books can be downloaded faster, and papers can be uploaded before the deadline.
  • Foreign language: Rosetta Stone, Duolingo and Babbel are just a few examples of frequently used language-learning tools that require a great internet connection.
  • Social studies & history: Who else remembers the big history capstone paper they had to write? The hours of research, outlining and writing. Anyone ever lose a paper due to a computer crash? Research now primarily happens online, and through Cloud based programs, papers are continually and automatically saved as they are being worked on.
  • Extra-curriculars: Even classes like music, theater, and art benefit from internet access. The ability to stream songs, movies and research art techniques cannot be underrated.

Even outside of subject-specific work, there are necessary resources for students online:

  • Online classrooms: Teachers often use online classrooms as a place to submit assignments, post grades, share the class calendar and communicate with all students and parents at once.
  • Tutoring: Can’t find the right tutor for your child? There are now thousands of tutors available online who can meet your family’s specific needs.
  • Counseling: So many kids were negatively impacted by the pandemic—the lack of socialization, lack of structure and the fear of illness have introduced never-before-seen levels of anxiety. Thankfully, counseling resources are more accessible than ever, and students in rural areas have access to specialized counselors all over the country.

Education increasingly relies on online resources, benefiting students, parents, and teachers. Unfortunately, this leaves many children and young adults living in rural communities at a major disadvantage.

Bloomer remains committed to building reliable, high-speed fiber networks in the rural communities of Wisconsin. We’re helping close the digital divide and empowering our local students to pursue education how, where and when they need it.

Curious to hear more ways that high-speed fiber internet access enhances students’ lives? Give us a call at (715) 568-4830. We’re always excited to talk fiber and Bloomer community empowerment!


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