June 28, 1919, marked the official end of World War I with the signage of the Treaty of Versailles. However, an armistice had occurred in France seven months prior, on the eleventh hour, month and day­—November 11, 1918. Thus began the celebration of Armistice Day, now referred to as Veterans Day. Veterans Day honors all US military service men and women who risked their lives to protect and defend freedom.

Darren, a Bloomer Broadband employee since 1998, was in service of the Army and Army National Guard from 1983-2004, is a veteran of the Cold War, and was deployed to Iraq. He worked communications jobs all over the United States as well as in Iraq and Germany. “Bloomer Broadband has always treated me well, and I’ve had no problem being excused for training every year. When I returned from being deployed, my job at Bloomer Broadband was waiting for me.”  It has been our honor and privilege to work with Darren over his long career.

There is quite a large veteran population in Chippewa County, and we hope they know the gratitude we feel. This Veterans Day, think about taking your family to the Bloomer Veterans Memorial Park. Open year round, the Memorial provides a list of Bloomer veterans who sacrificed their lives, as well as the wars in which they fought. According to Darren, “It is a wonderful memorial and tribute to all the Veteran’s Clubs in Bloomer who are very active and supportive of all vets.”

Boomer Telephone would like to extend our gratitude to Darren and all those who fought with, before, or after him. We may never be able to understand the toll war takes, but we do feel the full weight of your sacrifice and seek to honor what it has meant for our safety.

Thank you.

I feel I learned discipline, integrity, and endurance. And I learned that anyone can learn to do anything if they want to bad enough.” – Darren Knutson


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