Well Bloomer, December has hit full swing. By now, you’ve probably engaged in your first round of seasonal activities: ice skating, Christmas shopping, baking, shoveling the driveway, maybe even building a snowman or two.

Winter officially begins on December 21st (the shortest day of the year) and will continue through March 20th, giving us a little more light each day. Even though winter in Wisconsin usually means way more snow than we know what to do with, fiber to your home means that you will have a completely peaceful internet experience. Bloomer has been busy expanding and installing internet while we could dig (before the ground froze), and now you get to settle in for the winter knowing that you have the best internet technology available. We’re like squirrels: busy all year storing up nuts and then reaping the sweet reward in the cold season. And yes, we did just compare ourselves to squirrels.

Get your Christmas shopping, movie watching, and recipe searching done without buffering or lags—and minimize frozen faces on video chats. (We’re talking technically, not temperature-wise.)

Don’t have fiber internet? Click here to learn about Bloomer’s internet packages.

As always, Bloomer plans to close on December 23rd & 24th for Christmas, and December 30th & 31st for New Year’s. Although the Bloomer office will be closed, you can always call 715-568-4830 and our after-hours team will be happy to assist you.

This season is such a joyful time for getting out in the snow and connecting with loved ones near and far away. (Check out our blog post from December 9 on how to stay connected.) Happy Winter from the Bloomer family to you and yours

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