Bloomer Broadband TV Costs Explained

To begin, we partner with Celect Communications (Celect) to provide you with a TV offering. Each year, Celect is required, by law, to obtain permission to carry local stations (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and Regional Sports Networks) for a fee. This fee is called the Broadcaster Surcharge Fee – and this fee saw an increase of more than 20% over the previous year.

There are also additional fees, like TV sports’ rights, which have increased by almost 175% since 2010!* Billions of dollars each year are paid by cable and broadcast networks to bring you live sports. This forces them to charge TV providers, like Celect, higher fees which

significantly impacts your monthly bill.

Celect works hard every year to negotiate fair and reasonable costs. However, Celect is often threatened with “broadcast blackouts” (meaning the TV channel will no longer be available to you) unless Celect agrees to the networks’ terms.

Overall, we are passing along the increased costs to you – we are not increasing costs to increase profits.

To read more about what Celect is doing to help keep TV costs under control, visit TVonMySide.

What’s the Alternative?

Satellite TV providers (like Dish and DirecTV) are subject to the same network increases Celect/Bloomer Broadband is, so making the jump to one of those may not benefit you.

And although streaming services have seen an increase in monthly costs as of late, they are still often the better deal – and many offer local channels, so you don’t have to miss your favorite shows.

For example, the average cable TV cost is around $83/mo.** – and can go as high as $250/mo.! Compare that to YouTube TV (which offers local channels) for just $72.99/mo. Hulu also offers a plan with live TV for just $75.99/mo. And both YouTubeTV and Hulu offer a variety of free trials. Ready to cut the cord and try streaming? Visit MyBundleTV to see which streaming option(s) are right for you! And check out the MyBundleTV Marketplace for the latest deals.

If you have questions about your current TV service or how to make the switch to streaming, give our friendly, local customer care team a call at 715-568-4830. We’re happy to help!





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