OTT and Streaming and Devices, Oh My!

Today, more and more people are leaving behind traditional cable TV for something even better: streaming. See our recent blog here to help you decide if streaming is better for you than cable. If you’ve already decided to go the way of streaming, here is some more information for you.

What is OTT/Streaming?

You may have heard the term “OTT” or “over-the-top” services. This is more commonly referred to as streaming. OTT or streaming is representative of media services that bypass cable, broadcast, etc. to deliver you media via the internet. Many of your favorite streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ are considered OTT providers. To get started with streaming, you’ll need a subscription to a streaming service, a streaming device or Smart TV, and high-speed internet.

Streaming is the ability to view files as they are downloading. Unlike downloading a file to your computer and then waiting for it to open, streaming allows you to interact with the data as it comes. It allows for a much smoother and more seamless viewing experience.

One concern you may have with switching to streaming services is that you won’t be able to access all your current favorite broadcasted shows. Fear not! Many streaming platforms provide access to local shows/channels:

  • Hulu Live TV includes local channels, original Hulu content, Disney+ and ESPN
  • YouTube TV+ offers access to local channels, original programming, Hollywood hits, and live sports
  • DirectTV Stream includes access to local channels and can host all your favorite streaming services
  • While you don’t have access to local channels, Netflix is the place to be if you’re looking for tons of trending original content. Fan favorites such as Bridgerton, Squid Games, and the Adam Project can be found here

What streaming devices are out there? We’re glad you asked!

  • A streaming fan favorite is the Amazon Fire TV stick. It’s affordable and allows you to save all your favorite streaming services as apps. No need to say goodbye to Netflix or your local channels!
  • The Roku Streaming stick works similarly to the Fire TV stick by allowing your TV access to thousands of streaming video channels.
  • Smart TVs. Many TVs are now sold with internet capabilities and streaming apps built-in (Please note: you still need to subscribe to the streaming services you want).
  • There are many more options, these are just a start!

What all streaming platforms and devices have in common is the need to have a solid internet connection. With Bloomer fiber-to-the-home, you never have to question if your internet will be fast enough to support streaming. And that’s what we all love: internet so easy it never crosses your mind. Ready to start streaming and looking for better internet to support it? Call Bloomer at 715-568-4830, we’re happy to help.


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