Keep Your Business Moving at Light Speed

Your business relies on good communication to keep you connected with your customers and with each other. At Bloomer, we know solid relationships matter. We can manage your communication technology needs so that you can focus on what matters most—your customers.

Whether you need basic internet services, a dedicated high-speed connection, phone service, or a TV package, we have you covered.

Our internet services are provided over a 100% fiber-optic network and deliver speeds up to 1 Gig. Fiber can grow as your business grows—and it eliminates many of the latency issues. Fiber can also withstand adverse weather and is not susceptible to power outages.

With Bloomer Broadband’s Dedicated Internet service, you get just that—a dedicated service. It means not sharing your connection with others and provides guaranteed service levels. These packages are also symmetrical so your video calls, cloud applications, and large file transfers can happen seamlessly.

Our digital phone service will ensure you stay connected to your customers. We offer several calling features that can be added à la carte.

Considering TV? TV is a great addition to patient waiting areas, lobbies or employee breakrooms. With all the local channels plus everyone’s favorite networks, Bloomer Broadband’s fiber TV is the right choice. Check out the channel lineup here.

Have questions about other solutions? Call us at 715-568-4830

Have Questions About Other Business Solutions? Call Us At 715-568-4830

Frequently asked questions

Why is fiber superior?

Fiber connections provide you with access to virtually unlimited bandwidth capacity and speed, powering your business with a better experience. Whether you are downloading and uploading large files, using cloud storage systems or applications, or conducting video call—fiber provides it all seamlessly. Fiber keeps your business and employees connected with increased service reliability and stability.

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