National Cut the Cord Day is tomorrow, February 9th! We’re all for cutting the cord and simplifying life, but we know there may be some questions and concerns. Here’s some helpful information:

What is cutting the cord and why is everyone telling me to do it?

Cutting the cord is the term commonly used when someone cancels (cuts) their cable package (cord) in favor of streaming. Television access used to come exclusively from cable or satellite companies. As a result, movies and shows were limited to the channels that were a part of the bundle or package customers purchased. Today, we have many more (and cheaper) options via streaming devices and services! Many people of all ages and lifestyles are choosing to cut the cord because they can select a streaming device that has access to their favorite channels and can support services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. This means more shows and movies for a cheaper monthly cost!

How can I get my favorite channels without my cable package?

Smart TVs and streaming devices are capable of streaming live TV, so you can watch the news, sports or Hallmark movies! There are streaming packages available that have all your preferred channels without having to pay for hundreds of extraneous ones. It can feel overwhelming to find the right package, which is why Bloomer has partnered with MyBundle.TV—by asking a few simple questions, they make it easy to find the perfect package for you and your household! This service is free, check it out here!

Is cutting the cord really cheaper than keeping my current package?

Cable is nearly always more expensive than streaming. When you select a streaming package that has your specified channel lineup, you stop paying for channels you never use—thus saving money every month! Sources say that people who cut the cord save between $30-$100 per month.

What do I need to cut the cord?

  1. A reliable internet connection. Slow upload speeds will not support streaming. Check out Bloomer Broadband’s speeds here—every package has enough speed to support streaming and more.
  2. A Smart TV or streaming device. These may sound expensive, but there are options for every budget. Check out our Streaming Services Guide to determine the service and device that best suits your home.
  3. That’s it! Cutting the cord may seem intimidating, but it’s much simpler than it sounds.

Still feeling on the fence about ending your cable subscription? Give us a call at (715) 568-4830. We’re happy to answer any questions! Happy National Cut the Cord Day!









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