Name a more important day than National Wisconsin Day, we’ll wait…

February 15th marks the celebration of the state of Wisconsin and the people that make it great. We are a hard-working, kind, neighborly, innovative group of people (and we have the best NFL team in the country). Bloomer Broadband is proud to be a part of this state and the Bloomer community.

As much as we know and love our great state, there are some common misconceptions about Wisconsinites. Let’s dive in to the top five:

  1. Everyone is dairy-farm born and raised
    We get it, we have a lot of cows here. We’re one of the nation’s top producers of dairy products, but as a state we do a whole lot more than milk cows and make cheese. Take Bloomer, for instance. In our small town we have teachers, bakers, engineers, work-from-homers, biologists, hospitality workers…the list goes on. We are proud of our dairy farms—they have shaped our economy and our culture—but we’re made of a lot more than milk.
  2. No one ever leaves Wisconsin
    Of course we leave Wisconsin! While Wisconsin is a great state and many people stay for its beauty and neighborly values, there are many Wisconsinites who move away to pursue family, careers, etc.
  3. Wisconsinites only listen to country music
    Host to one of the nation’s largest music festivals, Wisconsinites like a lot more than just country music. Turns out we’re a state of individuals who all have unique interests!
  4. It’s always cold and snowy
    This misconception we can understand. The upper midwestern states are some of the coldest in the country, but that does not mean it’s always cold and snowy. Come May, spring blooms, and we get beautiful weather all summer and into early fall. Unlike other warmer parts of the country, our average sunny day is mid-80’s­ (aka the perfect temperature to be outdoors). And midwestern falls are nationally renowned for our beautiful foliage and lovely, crisp autumn weather.
  5. Cheese makes up all five of our food groups
    Cheese is delicious, that’s just a fact. And here in Wisconsin, we have access to some of the freshest, most delicious cheese in the nation. BUT WE LIKE OTHER FOODS, TOO! Our diverse ancestry means we enjoy many different cuisines. We are also surrounded by farmland, meaning we have lots of fresh produce at our fingertips.

We are proud of our great state, and the diverse individuals who make it up. Bloomer Broadband is here to serve you, no matter who you are or what you like. Give us a call at 715-568-4830 to get the best internet in the area.

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