The construction near the Bloomer Broadband office is still going on and there’s no firm deadline on when it will be completed. We realize that it may be frustrating getting to our office to pay a bill. However, you can pay your bill online.

Here are the ways you can pay:

One-time payment: You do not need a SmartHub account for this, but you do need to have your Bloomer Broadband account number handy. Here are the two easy steps:

  • Visit our homepage (, and go to Pay Bill in the upper right.
  • Choose the Pay Now One-time Payment option.

From there, you can review your bill and make a payment with a Visa, Discover, Mastercard or American Express credit card. (Debit cards are also accepted.) It’s that easy!

Recurring payment: You do need a SmartHub account for this. Here are the steps:

  • Visit our homepage (, go to Pay Bill in the upper right.
  • Log into SmartHub or sign up with “New User?” link.
  • On the Billing & Payment dropdown, choose Auto Pay Program.
  • Click on the Sign up for Auto Pay link and choose Card.

After that, all you have to do is enter in your card information, and voila, you’re all set!

You can also call and speak with our customer service team at 715-568-4830. They would be happy to take credit or debit card payment over the phone.

Paying through SmartHub is a smart, convenient, and safe way to ensure your Bloomer Broadband bill is paid on time, all the time. The SmartHub Bill Pay site is secure (look for the “lock” in the website URL) and the information is encrypted—meaning your credit card information is not accessible by any Bloomer Broadband employee. There is no commitment—or fee—to sign up for SmartHub and you can cancel anytime. (However, when you see how easy and convenient it is, we bet you won’t want to cancel.)

We appreciate your patience as we all work around the construction. Here’s to a construction-free autumn!

Do you have any questions? Call us at 715-568-4830