Test Your Dairy Knowledge

June is National Dairy Month. We hope you’ve been celebrating with lots of ice cream, cheesecake, Wisconsin cheese and butter burgers.

Did you know Wisconsin leads the country with the most dairy farms? There are close to 6,0​00 dairy farms and 1.28 million cows in our great state!​ What other awesome dairy facts are there? Test your knowledge with our true / false quiz:

True or false…

  1. The Wisconsin dairy industry generates more money than the Florida citrus and Idaho potato industries combined.
  2. 95% of Wisconsin farms are family owned.
  3. 48% of all specialty cheese made in the U.S. comes from Wisconsin.
  4. Wisconsin is second only to California in milk production.
  5. There are 210 cows per herd, on average.
  6. In 2021, Wisconsin made 100% of Limburger cheese produced in the U.S.
  7. Monthly milk production per cow is about 242 gallons.

All the statements are TRUE! But we are more than a list of fun facts. Wisconsin represents many values we can truly boast about. Hard work, hospitality, kindness, family, and honesty are just a few things we love about our home state. Bloomer Broadband is proud to celebrate National Dairy Month and all the farmers and families who work tirelessly to keep Wisconsin dairy farms running.

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