Today is a day largely of hearts and flowers and chocolates. A day to celebrate all the wonderful people in our lives. And today we celebrate YOU! We ❤️ our customers and are so grateful you have chosen us to be your broadband provider. You are the heartbeat of Bloomer Broadband.

As a special treat, here are a few facts about the history of Valentine’s Day:

  • Emperor Claudius II (268 – 270 A.D.) banned marriage because he believed unmarried men made better soldiers, but St. Valentine, a Roman priest, helped couples secretly marry.
  • Valentine was eventually caught and killed on February 14, 270 A.D.
  • Before St. Valentine was killed, however, he supposedly wrote the first ever “valentine” (love letter) to his jailer’s daughter.
  • Pope Gelasius I, in the 5th century, declared the day of St. Valentine’s death as St. Valentine’s Day and it was celebrated as a religious holiday.

Today, St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the globe – in many different ways – from women giving gifts to men (Japan and South Korea) to Estonian singles taking a ride on the Love Bus in the hopes of meeting someone special.

However you celebrate the day, we hope it’s filled with happiness and smiles.



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