Lease the best Wi-Fi experience

A great internet connection is just the start, you need great Wi-Fi to deliver consistent, fast service to every are of your home. Bloomer leases a carrier-grade residential gateway, the GigaCenter. The GigaCenter is a single device that brings the internet connection into your home from Bloomer’s network (modem), plus it also provides a Wi-Fi signal throughout your home (router), so you can connect wirelessly to the internet with your laptop, phone, thermostat, doorbell, or other devices.


Leasing the GigaCenter from Bloomer gives our support technicians extensive troubleshooting ensuring that services are delivered and maintained without needless truck rolls and hardware upgrades, saving you time and money.

$5.95 per month in a package (Internet + Phone and/or TV)

$10.95 per month a la carte

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